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Moving out of residence

Move-out appointments

Before it's time to leave residence, you will be sent a link to our move-out calendar. All residents need to schedule the time when they will be leaving. When you leave, an employee will meet you at your room to take back your keys, laundry card, and to inspect to see if any maintenance is required or if there are any damages. Residents are not responsible for normal wear and tear.

The latest possible time to leave is May 4, 2020 at 5 PM.


Possible move-out charges (all easily avoidable!)

All charges are posted to the student account.

Missed moved-out time

Residents who do not schedule a move-out time or those who miss their appointment receive a $100 administrative fee. Make sure you are ready for your appointment; there are hundreds of move-outs and we can't wait while you finish your packing/cleaning.


Fridges that are not cleaned incur a $25 charge. 

Rooms that are left in an unsanity or uncleaned condition result in a cleaning fee of $125.

Missing or Damaged Furniture

The cost of missing/damaged furniture (including major scratches, dents, gouges, and items missing from the room) are billed according to the cost of replacement or repair. 

We check for damaged curtains or blinds and dismantled or damaged smoke detectors.

Residence Life will discard any large personal furniture left behind and will charge the resident a minimum of $75 for a removal fee.

Locks & Keys

Lost or missing keys cost $20 per key.

Laundry Cards 

Lost laundry cards cost $10 .

Other Repairs 

Residue or marks left by tape, stickers, decals or pins result in charges starting at $25.  If painting is necessary, the cost will be decided by the contractor or by Facilities Management.

Replacement and repair costs for missing or damaged screens are $200.

Please see our Move-Out Related Cost Recovery & Fines for full details and how to avoid any and all extra move-out costs.


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