Reduced occupancy

Our residences will be operating at full capacity for the 2022–2023 academic year. Shared rooms will also be available.

Common spaces will have a maximum capacity and guidelines for safe usage, with a posted cleaning schedule.


Certified surgical face masks are mandatory on campus, including in residence common spaces and when you have a member of your social distancing group in your room. You'll need to respect a two-metre physical distancing space, even when wearing a mask.

Vaccines and passports

As of Saturday, March 12, the vaccination passport is no longer required  in residence, including the dining hall and all events and activities. 

Find more information on vaccinations on the COVID-19 FAQ for international students.

Contact tracing and self-isolation

We have a system in place for notifying residents who may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, and we have self-isolation facilities available.

Enhanced cleaning

We follow clear cleaning protocols as developed by the university's Environmental Health & Safety unit, with procedures that focus on high touch-point areas such as bathrooms, elevators and common spaces.

Info sessions

You'll need to complete two mandatory training sessions before you move into residence, just to make sure you are aware of all the protocols in place. 

Community code of conduct

Everyone who lives in residence will agree to a code of Community Living Standards and Discipline which includes rules for staying safe, as well as COVID-19 rules and protocols. Familiarize yourself with both before you move in.

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