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Benefits of managing stress

The experience of stress activates the "fight or flight response" which stimulates the body for action to deal with a danger.  Chronic (ongoing) stress keeps your body in this stimulated state for extended periods of time and contributes to an increased risk for many health problems.  Even if the stress is short-term you can experience problems. 

By managing your stress, you will reduce your risk of many problems.

Stress-related physical and mental health problems include:
• heart disease
• high blood pressure
• stomach problems
• respiratory problems
• type II diabetes
• back problems
• headaches and migraines
• obesity
• skin problems
• mental health problems (e.g. anxiety or depression)
• immune system problems
• alcohol and drug use and abuse
• tobacco use
• violence and aggressive behaviour
• accidents
• sleep problems
• sexual problems

For a more detailed discussion of the problems associated with stress consult The Long-Term Consequences of Negative Stress, the Mental and Emotional Impact of Stress and The Social Impact of Stress


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