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Insurance coverage

When you visit us, be sure to have your:

  • Concordia ID
  • Valid (not expired) health insurance card
    • For Canadian students, your provincial/territorial health card ('Medicare card')
    • For international students, proof of insurance coverage such as the Blue Cross plan

Doctors are paid by health insurance, so to see a doctor, you must bring your valid health insurance card. If you don't have your card, we will charge you for the visit and give you a receipt. Contact your insurance provider about reimbursement.

You do not need to show your health insurance card to see a nurse or health promotion specialist, as they are paid by your student fees.

Health Services does not manage the many different insurance plans Concordia students can buy. You pay hundreds of dollars a year for your insurance plan: learn what it covers and how to get reimbursed, and use it.

Insurance information for Canadian students from outside Quebec

While you are studying full-time outside your province of residence, your provincial health insurance can cover your basic medical expenses. However, coverage is not automatic: You must contact your province’s health insurance provider before you leave your province to inform them that you will be studying in Quebec and wish to remain covered. This procedure varies from province to province (see links below). You must inform them each year while studying out of province. If you are required to demonstrate proof of full-time studies at Concordia to maintain your coverage you can obtain a letter of attestation from the Birk’s Student Service Center. Please note that there is a $20 fee to obtain this letter and a $5 fee if you wish it to have it faxed.

Insurance information for international students

International students need to download the Blue Cross App to access their insurance card. 

You can learn about Blue Cross health insurance from the International Students Office's insurance page, or you can call them at (514) 848-2424, extension 3515.  

The Blue Cross Quick Pay office is located at 550 Sherbrooke St. West, Suite L-6 (between Union and Alymer). Bring your receipt and they will pay you back for covered expenses immediately.

NOTE: Before obtaining health services contact Blue Cross (1-888-588-1212, 514-286-8430) to find out if the clinic you are going to or the procedure that is recommended is covered. If you go to a clinic or receive a procedure that is not covered you will not be reimbursed.

Insurance information on Québec Medicare for Québec residents

Consult the Régie de l'assurance Maladie (RAMQ) website for information on Québec Medicare.

Information on the Concordia Student Health Plan

Undergraduate and graduate students can learn about the Concordia Student Health Plan through the "Student Care" website.

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