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Using the Service / Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Using Concordia University Health Services

Who can use Health Services?
The following people are eligible (certain conditions may apply):

  • Concordia students who are currently registered for at least one course.
  • Current Concordia staff and faculty (except timesheet employees).
  • Some retired staff and faculty; check your collective agreement.
If you have signed up with one of our doctors as your family doctor, this registration terminates once you have graduated, or in some cases, when you have retired (check with your union).  If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for a family doctor in Quebec and you have a valid health care card from Quebec, you must: 1) cancel your registration with the Health Services' doctor by contacting RAMQ (contact info in link), and; 2) register online or by phone by going to the Registering With a Family Doctor page from the Government of Quebec.

Medical Services

Mental Health Services
Health Services has psychiatrists.  You cannot book an appointment directly; your first step is to drop in and speak with one of the nurses who will assess your situation and connect you with appropriate resources.         

Health Promotion Services

You can book an appointment with a health promotion specialist for healthy living counselling regarding issues such as smoking cessation, healthy eating, weight loss, weight gain, stress management and more. Other services we offer include: support for student, staff, and faculty projects; class presentations on a variety of health and wellness topics; providing consultation and expertise to university committees; and more. Contact the health promotion specialists directly for more information.


  • You do not need to provide health insurance coverage to see a nurse or health promotion specialist.
  • To see a doctor or psychiatrist you will have to provide valid coverage under Quebec Medicare, Medicare from another Canadian province or Territory, or Blue Cross insurance for international students.  If you cannot provide valid health insurance you will be charged for your visit.
  • We offer a number of health-related services to meet your needs. Most of these services are covered by provincial medicare, private health insurance, and student ancillary fees, but a small number are not and must be paid by the patient. Please consult "Fees for Non-insured Services" for more information.

Medical Notes
Doctors and nurses at Health Services may provide medical notes under specific conditions.

Medical Records
Health Services can provide you with copies of your medical records.

On-line resources

The Health Services website is your go-to resource for reliable information about healthy living (e.g. smoking cessation, healthy eating etc.) as well as information about health issues (e.g. cold/flu, yeast infection etc.).


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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