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GPWL981 - Identity Theft in the "Smart" Era

It may be surprising that people still fall for e-mails attempting to steal their money or identity by promising winnings to lotteries they’ve never played, international wire transfers from wealthy royalty, or an unexpected CRA tax refund. After all, similar scams have been around for over two decades; yet new variants seem to constantly pop up. This is especially true in times like these where some unscrupulous individuals take these “old” scams and put a COVID-19 spin on them, either by promising people “cures” or access to additional government subsidies if they only follow a given link, defrauding individuals of their money and personal information in the process. In this webinar we will review some of the most common COVID-19 scams, how to safely manage your online presence, things to consider when setting up new devices on your “smart” home network, as well as reviewing the steps to take once you suspect being a victim of identity theft. Special thanks to Interac Corp. for supporting this webinar.

Learning Objectives

1) Become familiar with the common identity theft scams, including many new COVID-19–related ones.
2) Learn what to look out for when connecting “smart” devices to your home network.
3) Know the steps to take once you suspect having been a victim of identity theft.

Leaders Information

This workshop is led by Alex Gavrila. Over the past decade, Alex Gavrila has been involved with 5 distinct start-ups in different sectors, including non-profit, IT, and education. Since September 2014, Alex has developed the Financial Skills for the Real World workshop/webinar series, delivering it to over 5,000 students at 4 different universities. He is looking forward to sharing his experience with you about the benefits and the drawbacks of being an entrepreneur.c

This workshop is not scheduled at this time.
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