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GPTK722 - Teaching Assistant Orientation

September will soon be upon us: new classes, new professors, new technologies, and new things to learn. For a number of graduate (and a few undergraduate) students across the university this also means taking on a new role: that of teaching assistant.

Keeping up with readings, grading essays, hosting zoom sessions, facilitating discussions, organizing moodle sites, responding to student questions, and dealing with professors, TAs have a lot on their plate! To start the year right, the Centre for Teaching and Learning invites TAs from all Faculties, both new and returning, to attend an Orientation event.

Learning Objectives

This event will be an opportunity for TAs from across the university to:
- be introduced to the resources and support available to them;
- learn about their rights and responsibilities, and meet their union representative
- and join a community-of-practice of current TAs: an opportunity to share their questions, concerns, resources and reflections about their new role.

Leaders Information

This workshop will be facilitated by the Centre for Teaching and Learning, GradProSkills and the Teaching and Research Assistants (TRAC) Union at Concordia.

This workshop is not scheduled at this time.


Resources for Teaching Assistants
To support you as you get established in your teaching at Concordia, the CTL has compiled a list of links to practical resources to help you with all of your instructional needs.

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