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GPSC491 - Embracing our Intercultural Community

Concordia University is made up of students from over 160 countries. This multicultural framework makes learning interesting and exciting but also challenging, especially in the context of classroom participation and team projects.

In this 2 hour interactive workshop you will learn to challenge assumptions you may have about group norms and critically analyze where those norms have come from and whether or not they continue to be useful. You will learn what the role that communication plays and what happens when we are not utilizing the same “rules” or “norms” as others in a group. This workshop will allow you to better communicate effectively across cultural groups and hopefully improve your experience when participating in team based activities.

Learning Objectives

This workshop aims to help participants:
- Recognize their own cultural lens;
- Identify key elements of effective intercultural communication;
- Appreciate the rich intercultural community at Concordia;
- Express themselves clearly in classroom discussions and group work.

Leaders Information

This workshop is lead by Kelly Collins, Manager of the International Student Office, and Katie Broad, Coordinator of the LIVE Centre.

This workshop is not scheduled at this time.
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