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GPSC484 - English Grammar 2: Prepositions, relative clauses, expletives, and verb tenses

Do you want to perfect your writing in English, but have doubts about your grammar? Do you want to move your writing from functional closer to the level and style of a native speaker?

Grammar for Graduate Students 2 is the second in the set of two grammar workshops which give you the solid foundation you need to move toward producing polished papers, reports, and theses at an advanced level. Aimed at graduate students who come to Concordia as non-native English speakers, this workshop remedies some of the most persistent grammar problems that advanced learners of English face – namely those related to use of prepositions, relative clauses, expletives, and choosing the right verb tenses – and it supports students who want to become better writers.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
1. Overcome some of the most common grammar problems non-native English-speaking graduate students face such as incorrect use of prepositions, relative clauses, expletives, and verb tenses in English;
2. Use strategies for recognizing and correcting these grammar problems when they appear in texts;
3. Recognize the grammar-related specificities of English academic writing style; and
4. Apply these specificities in own writing.

Leaders Information

This workshop is led by Joseph E. Brito.

Joseph E. Brito is a doctorate candidate at the Department of Religions and Cultures, at Concordia University. His doctoral dissertation uses a post-colonial lens to demonstrate ways in which early Christian discourse and narratives used metaphors from the roman institution of slavery as rhetorical and theological device. Prior to joining the doctoral program, he completed his bachelor and master degree at Université de Montréal. As a researcher, he is passionate about post-colonial studies, migration and minority studies, and is currently involved with the Association for the Rights of Household Workers, focusing on migrant workers’ right.

This workshop is not scheduled at this time.
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