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GPLL42 - Planning Your Thesis Submission

Your graduate thesis is one of the ways that Concordia fulfills its mission to create and disseminate knowledge. As an official Concordia document, your thesis needs to meet certain requirements.
If you are a masters or doctoral student in the early or middle stages of drafting your thesis, this workshop is for you. In this workshop, we review the who’s who of thesis submission, the different kinds of thesis (research creation, manuscript-based, traditional) and the various tasks they require you to complete. We will also review deadlines and procedures for thesis submission and graduation. Workshop activities allow you to plan your thesis defence and submission.

Learning Objectives

After attending this workshop, participants will be able to:

1. Identify the formal academic committee and structures that must review or approve a thesis
2. Describe the different kinds of thesis, and special considerations for each
3. Identify important deadlines for thesis submission
4. Plan the important tasks and milestones leading up to their thesis defence and submission

Leaders Information

This workshop is led by Jad Sadek.

Jad is a PhD student in Mechanical engineering, his research consists of experimental, numerical and analytical analysis tackling needle-free technology with an emphasis on the combustion driven mechanisms. In parallel to his research Jad is always active as a teacher assitant and as a tutor to further his teaching experience.

This workshop is not scheduled at this time.
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