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GPLL20 - Graduate School Base Camp

Graduate School Base Camp is a condensed version of key GradProSkills workshops which lay the foundations for a positive and productive grad school experience. During these carefully selected workshops, participants will learn fundamental skills, gain an awareness of important university rules, and be pointed to key resources.

Base camp is recommended for newly admitted graduate students, and in particular international students who are new to the Canadian university context and graduate students who are returning to university after an extended absence.


Important message for International Students Attending Section 1 on August 31, 2018:

Quebec-Immigration and the Quebec Ministry of Education require that students be covered, continuously and without interruption, by a valid and adequate medical insurance plan for the duration of their studies in the Province of Quebec, Canada. Immigration regulations require that university students be enrolled in an insurance plan at the educational institute to which they have been admitted. Concordia University has negotiated a health and accident insurance plan with Blue Cross at a competitive cost for Concordia international students once they begin their program of study (beginning September 1st for Fall admitted and registered students).

Concordia International Health Insurance Plans begin only September 1, 2018 and are based on registration. The student is solely responsible for any medical expenses they may incur, prior to the beginning of the Concordia International Health Insurance Plan, and therefore, should not expect any financial assistance whatsoever from Concordia University for any such expenses.

Please purchase insurance privately or visit the International Students Office (GM-330) for more information regarding the health insurance policies and your responsibilities. You will require insurance from the first day you arrive in Canada up to and insurance August 31, 2018. Your COMPULSORY Concordia International Health Insurance Plan will begin September 1, 2018.

Learning Objectives

In this event, participants will:

1.Learn how to effectively use library resources and manage the research process (Library Research Skills and Resources)
2. Acquire strategies for reading academic texts for effective note-taking and participation in class discussions and graduate seminars. (Effective Reading Strategies)
3. Understand campus diversity and how to contribute in a positive and respectful way (Respectfully Engaging with Diversity)
4. Explore techniques for effective time management, particularly in the context of research projects.(Time Management Techniques for Graduate School)
5. Ensure you are aware of your rights and responsibilities in relation to the academic code. Identify key areas of concern and strategies for avoiding misunderstanding. (Know the Code: Graduate Student Rights and Responsibilities)
6. Explore the connection between stress and health, learn a 5-step approach to stress management and identify a variety of effective stress management strategies (Stress Management: A Practical Guide)

Leaders Information

The workshop instructors are:

1. Susie Brier,(MLIS) Subject Librarian for Anthropology, Sociology and Women's Studies, subject selector for Social Sciences and Reference Librarian at the Webster Library and Krista Alexander, Subject Librarian for Physics, Chemistry & Biochemistry and Applied Human Sciences at Concordia University Library.
2. Nadine Bekkouche, GradProSkills
3. Rev. Ellie Hummel, Chaplain-Coordinator and Ashely Crouch, Interim Interfaith Facilitator, Multi-faith & Spirituality Centre
4. Nadine Bekkouche, GradProSkills
5. Dr. Amir Aghdam, Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies, and Caroline Danis, Coordinator of the Student Advocacy Office
6. Owen Moran, Health Promotion Specialists, Health Services

This workshop is not scheduled at this time.
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