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GPDI528 - Introduction to VR Mobile Development with Unity

The wonderful world of Virtual Reality is growing every day. Get ready to hop on the VR train with this dynamic, hands-on workshop from the Webster Library’s new Visualization Studio.

With Unity, anyone can develop content for VR technologies! Indeed, Unity is a fantastic game engine that is well suited for beginners and expert developers alike.

In this workshop you will build your first Mobile VR game from scratch in Unity, and will learn the fundamentals of building creative experiences. This workshops will act as a jumping-off point for you to dive into the world of VR creation.

No previous experience is required, everyone is welcome!

Important Note:
Some Google Cardboard headsets are provided, but if you own a headset, don’t hesitate to bring it along to experiment. You can also purchase a Google Cardboard headset from Amazon if you’d like, though it is not mandatory.

Please also bring your WIFI-ready laptop, your smartphone and the appropriate cable to connect it to your laptop.

Finally, please install Unity Personal (it’s free!) on your laptop prior to the workshop. See:

Learning Objectives

In this workshop, participants will:
1. Learn the fundamentals of VR development and VR design
2. Learn the fundamentals of Unity
3. Build a simple interactive environment
4. Export a VR scene to Google Cardboard and other platforms

Leaders Information

This workshop is led by Tina Salameh, a Computational Arts double major Concordia alumna. She spent the past 8 years working in startups, building interactivity and walking the line between Art, Design, and Technology; and thinking about the impact data has on our lives. She loves things that are open source and things that are playful (and cats with laser eyes). She’s currently helping the Library build the Visualization Studio, a space for interactivity, immersion, data visualization, research and many other endeavours.

This workshop is not scheduled at this time.
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