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GPDI526 - Introduction to Data Visualization with Tableau

In the age of Big Data, nothing communicates complex information better than data visualizations. In this hand-on workshop, the Webster Library’s new Visualization Studio will show you how to bring data to life and use it to tell a compelling story.

First, we will present an overview of the evolution of data visualization. Then we will look at best practices and fundamental design principles to create high-impact visualizations. We will learn to identify different types of data visualization and how to use them effectively.

We will break down the process and key steps in preparing a successful data visualization, including learning to ask the right questions, exploring concepts, exploring data, generating ideas, selecting the right concept and implementing a visualization.

Finally we will work with an open data set to build a visualization that tells a story using Tableau. By the end of the workshop, we will have built a beautiful interactive dashboard.

We will also give an overview of different tools that are available to students and the general public.

This workshop is ideal for scientists, journalists, educators, artists, communication professionals and anyone curious about data, or with an interest in communicating data with creativity and clarity.

Important Note: Please bring your WIFI-ready laptop and install Tableau Desktop prior to the workshop

Learning Objectives

In this workshop, participants will:
1. Learn the fundamentals of visual design and storytelling with data
2. Build visualizations and dashboards in Tableau and clean data in Tableau
3. Identify different types of data visualization and learn to choose the right one
4. Learn to create clear and meaningful visualizations using publicly available data
5. Explore a handful of widely available visualization tools
6. Learn to find open data on the web

Leaders Information

This workshop is led by Tina Salameh, a Computational Arts double major Concordia alumna. She spent the past 8 years working in startups, building interactivity and walking the line between Art, Design, and Technology; and thinking about the impact data has on our lives. She loves things that are open source and things that are playful (and cats with laser eyes). She’s currently helping the Library build the Visualization Studio, a space for interactivity, immersion, data visualization, research and many other endeavours.

This workshop is not scheduled at this time.
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