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GPDI513 - Get Started Coding with Python

Are you curious about coding? Would like to know how to start coding and how it can be useful? In this workshop we will use Python, a very popular, powerful, yet simple programming language to discuss and demonstrate foundational coding concepts.

1. Students do not need any prior knowledge of coding or Python to participate in this workshop. If you are already familiar with coding or Python, then this workshop will be too basic for you and you should not attend.
2. You MUST bring a laptop for all sessions of the workshop. You will receive an email prior to the workshop with instructions for installing Python on your personal computer.
3. Learning to code must be hands-on. Though a series of in-class and online exercises, we will learn to create and troubleshoot (debug) computer programs. Your commitment and participation during class (7.5 hours) and outside class (6 hours) is mandatory. You will be enrolled in a Moodle course, where you will have access to resources and activities. Failure to complete the activities assigned outside of class, will result in you being dropped from the workshop and applied the penalty fee.

Learning Objectives

After this workshop, you will be able to:
- Describe the process of creation of computer programs
- Create and execute Python scripts on your computer
- Apply basic elements of the Python programming language (control, selection and repetition statements, variables of simple datatypes, input/output, and functions) to solve problems or automate tasks
- Apply at least two strategies to troubleshoot (or debug) Python scripts

Leaders Information

This workshop is led by Ivan Ruby, Ph.D. Student in Educational Technology, Department of Education.

Ivan has an academic background in Computer Science. He migrated to Education to conduct research related with the role education and technology play for an empowering, accessible and sustainable future. His current research interest is in teaching and learning of computer programming for beginners, to adapt to and address the challenges of the 21st-Century.

This workshop is not scheduled at this time.

Workshop preparation

A moodle site exists for this workshop. Registered participants should review the moodle site a couple of days prior to the workshop. 

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