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GPCB597 - Quebec Scientific Entrepreneurship Program: From Academic Research to Industry

Despite being highly skilled as a graduate student, the path you need to undertake in order to work in industry or to bring your research to market presents many challenges. However, there is a way to turn your research into a positive impact on society.

The Quebec Scientific Entrepreneurship program, run by Concordia’s District 3 Innovation Centre, will help you explore an alternative to the traditional career paths found in academia and industry. You’ll learn on how can have a tangible impact on society by successfully venturing outside of academia and into entrepreneurship.

Discover a viable industry application for your scientific research. The course will empower you with knowledge on common practices in innovation, design thinking methodology, and entrepreneurship to help you identify commercial applications. The course entails an online two-week course with 3 hours time commitment per week.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is offered online over a two-week period. It involves a self-directed online module plus a zoom meeting each week. The total time commitment is approximately 6 hours.

For more details on the QcSE program visit:

Learning Objectives

Throughout this course, trainees will receive:
• Knowledge on essential skills in innovation & entrepreneurship
• Bridging the gap between academic research and opportunities in industry
• Knowledge on commercializing academic research

Leaders Information

This workshop is led by seasoned high tech entrepreneurs and experts, including Laila Benameur, Jane Somerville, Xavier-Henri Hervé and Edna Chosak of District 3.

This workshop is not scheduled at this time.
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