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Peer Support Writing Group

Our Peer Support Writing Group bring together graduate students from all disciplines in a weekly meeting to write together. This event fosters a supportive community that has proven to help many graduate students to achieve their writing objectives (thesis, papers, articles, grant applications and comprehensive exams).  

This Fall, PSWG will happen as a virtual-space for graduate students to advance their writing goals and support each while staying home. Pamela and Joseph, two Ph.D. candidates and GradProSkills experienced team members, will host the virtual PSWG sessions.

The virtual meetings will take place every Friday, from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm, through Zoom meetings. The meetings will start on September 18, 2020, and finish on December 18, 2020. 


The PSWG will allow students to: 

  • Achieve their writing goals as they set aside time to write, maintain their writing momentum, and clarify their writing priorities;
  • Cope with writing pressure by providing a safe space to discuss their fears and challenges;
  • Break social isolation by connecting them with peers facing the same challenges


Each session is structured to accommodate two blocks of focused writing based on the Pomodoro Technique:

  • Welcome, goal-setting, and first check-in (10 min) 
  • First writing period (45 min) 
  • Stretch break (5 min)
  • Second writing period (45 min)
  • Wrap up and final check-in (15 min)


Participants are encouraged to have their writing goals and milestones set in advance. As such, before connecting into PSWG, students should have: 

  • A plan (e.g., What will you be working on today? What are the aimed goal or milestone? How many words, paragraphs, or sections do you wish to write? How many articles are you planning to read?) 
  • All writing materials (e.g. notebooks, books and articles related to today’s goal, graphs and images, etc.)
  • A comfortable place and essential items (e.g.. headphones, water, snacks) 


Join Pamela and Joseph for our weekly online writing event!

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