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Code Together

Drop-in for Python & R insight and inspiration


Starts Thursday, September 23 from 9:30-11:00

Code Together gives Concordia graduate students a space where they can practice their programming skills, collaborate with like-minded peers, make progress on challenging projects, or just learn more about coding.

Conceptualizing a new coding project can always benefit from bouncing ideas off others. And when stuck with a code conundrum, the fastest solutions are usually uncovered by finding someone who has also faced that problem. Regardless of your language, project or academic discipline, we invite you to join us for a casual but focused coding session. Code Together sessions happen bi-weekly and come in three formats:

  1. Drop-In: Having trouble with your code? Do you have an idea or research project in mind but don’t know where to start? Chat with our Python and R mentors to explain your problem and uncover possible solutions. This is your chance to get feedback on those stubborn errors, or get ideas about how you might be able to use programming for your research.
  2. Coworking: Need a quiet space to work on your code? Want to be motivated by others working on their own coding projects? Join us for Concordia’s first peer writing group for coding. No need to set aside time to work on your code, we’ve done it for you!
  3. Guest Speaker: Wondering what else you can do with programming? Come get the perspective of experts who tackle programming challenges in their day-to-day work. We’ll have a variety of guest speakers share their experience and how coding has helped them in their careers.
Date Format
Sept 23rd Guest speaker: Python in the real world
Oct 7th Drop-in session
Oct 21st Coworking session: Bring your own project
Nov 4th  Guest speaker: R in the real world
Nov 18th Drop-in session
Dec 2nd Coworking session: Bring your own project

Come join us to take advantage of the coding knowledge of your peers at Concordia. Looking forward to seeing you and hearing what you’re working on!

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