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Code Together

Weekly drop-in session for grad students learning how to code



Great coding requires focus, not loneliness. Conceptualizing a new coding project can always benefit from bouncing ideas off others. And when stuck with a code conundrum, the fastest solutions are usually uncovered by finding someone who has also faced that problem. 

GradProSkills Code Together, our newest weekly drop-in session, brings together Concordia’s graduate community of coders. 

Regardless of your language, project or academic discipline, we invite you to login to our Wednesday morning Code Together sessions.  These two hours allow you to book dedicated time in your agenda to work on your coding project. 

We will start each session with a quick check-in and then you will be left to tackle your project with zoom running in the background. If you run into problems, or just want to chat with other students who are doing similar work, we can move you into a breakout room to talk about it. We will finish the session with reflection and goal setting.

Our goal is to help you break isolation, learn with other graduate students, and maintain focus on your project. 

Code Together sessions occur on Wednesdays from 9:00 - 11:00 am on zoom. 

For Fall 2020 term, meetings will run November 25 to December 9.  

For Winter 2021 term, meetings will restart on January 13 and run to April 14.  

You can drop-in to one or many sessions and you are not obliged to participate in the entire two hours.  You need to register to receive the zoom link.  

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