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Deadlines & guidelines

Before you complete the Quebec residency application, please check the deadlines and guidelines below.



Term Deadline
Winter term April 1, 2023
Summer term August 1, 2023
Fall term
December 1, 2023



Term Deadline
Winter term April 1, 2024
Summer term August 1, 2024
Fall term
December 1, 2024


Once you have all your documentation together and you are ready to apply:

  • Submit the "Quebec Residency Application" and supporting documents in the menu on the right-hand side of the Personal information section of your Student Centre. You can also access your Personal information by logging in to the Student Hub and going to My CU Account
  • Supporting documents can also be submitted to the Birks Student Service Centre (LB-185).

*If you have problems with the online submissions, you can also send your applications by:

By Fax:

Birks Student Service Centre
1400 De Maisonneuve Blvd. West, Room LB-185

By Mail or Courier:
Concordia University
Office of the Registrar, FB 900
1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W.
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3G 1M8

Contact phone number for courier:

Once approved, students who are considered permanent Quebec residents never have to renew their Quebec residency status. You are considered a permanent resident if you are:

  • Born in Quebec
  • Holder of a CSQ (certificat de sélection du Quebec)
  • Adopted by a Quebec resident
  • Parents or sponsor deceased and one of parents was a Quebec resident

All other situations are considered temporary categories. If you are considered temporary you only have to renew your residency status if you are absent for more than two sessions (not including Summer sessions). 

If you are not eligible for Quebec Resident status under one of the 14 situations, you may be eligible for one of the other situations. Or you may plan your studies so as to be eligible at a later date.

For Quebec Residency purposes, full-time and part-time status does not correspond to what is in the Concordia calendar. This is how the Quebec government defines it: 

For Undergraduate students

  • Part-Time is defined as registration in fewer than 12.0 credits per session
  • Full-Time is defined as registration in 12.0 credits or more per session

For Graduate students in a Graduate Independent, Diploma or Certificate program:

  • Part-Time is defined as registration in fewer than 8.0 credits per session 
  • Full-Time is defined as registration in 8.0 credits or more per session.

Also, when counting the number of credits per term, courses with the grade DISC are included but courses that were withdrawn before the deadline to obtain a refund and that received the grade DNE are not included.

Graduate students in a Masters or PhD program are classified as Full-Time or Part-Time at the time of initial registration in the program. This classification of Masters FT/PT status may be used for Quebec Residency purposes.

No, there is no specific connection between a Permanent Code and Québec residency. A Permanent Code is a unique identifying code assigned by the Ministry of Education to all students who attend an educational institution in Québec regardless of where they come from and regardless of their residency status. Even if you have a Permanent Code you will still have to prove that you are eligible for Québec resident status.

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