New tuition fee framework for international students

Starting September 1, 2019, the government will no longer provide any funding for international undergraduate students, nor for professional or non-research master's students. These students will be considered ‘deregulated.’

International students are a vital part of the Concordia community. They add to our diversity and innovation, bring unique cultural experiences and points of view, and raise the global outlook and profile of our city, province and region.

Having consulted prospective international students about the factors that are most important to them in choosing where to study, Concordia is implementing a new tuition framework starting in the fall of 2019. It will not affect returning international students staying in the same program. Nor will it affect future international PhD or research master's students.

For prospective undergraduate and professional or non-research master's students, the new framework will provide predictability regarding the cost of their studies, maintain accessibility, and better reflect the value of a Concordia degree when compared to other Canadian universities.

The revenue will allow Concordia to further advance its academic mission by, among other things, providing enhanced support for international students through additional scholarships and bursaries, expanded language training, on-campus work opportunities, and funding to offset emergencies.

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