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Graduate Student Mobility Award

The Graduate Student Mobility Award aims to provide Concordia graduate students with financial assistance for studying or conducting research projects / field work abroad as part of their degree programs. A limited number of Awards are available each semester on a competitive basis. In the past, Concordia International has been able to provide approximately 80% of applicants with Awards.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for the Graduate Student Mobility Award, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be currently registered in a Concordia Master's or PhD program and be registered as a full-time student while receiving the Award.
  • Have completed at least 1/3 of your courses towards your current degree (external transfer credits will not be counted towards the minimum completed credit requirement).
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.30/4.30 at the time of the application.
  • The credits you earn while receiving the Award must be applicable to your degree and cannot exceed program requirements.
  • Students enrolled at Concordia as part of the cotutelle program are not eligible to receive the Graduate Student Mobility Award for the purpose of attending their co-institution.

Please also take note of the following conditions:

  • You cannot receive both the Graduate Student Mobility Award and the Quebec Mobility Bursary at the same time.
  • You may apply multiple times for this Award however you cannot exceed the maximum level of assistance a student can receive.
  • It is your responsibility to inform Concordia International on any changes of your project prior to your departure (e.g. project dates, location, duration.) Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your bursary.

What is the value of this award?

Award values depend on where your project takes place, its duration and the availability of funding when you apply.

Awards for projects that last from one to four months are generally worth:

  • $1,000 CAD maximum per month for up to four months.
  • The maximum period of support is four months.
  • The minimum period of support is one month. 

Please also take note:

  • You must be able provide a letter from a third party confirming the dates of your project abroad. Ideally, the dates should be specified in your admission letter from your host university for study abroad, letter of invitation from host organization for research/field work or specified by your Concordia supervisor for independent projects for which s/he agrees to sponsor you.
  • Remuneration and/or external funding have to be listed in the budget and they will be deducted from the award.

How do I apply?

Complete the Graduate Student Mobility Award online application form. Please note that the 2020-21 online application and new submission deadlines will be available by the beginning February.

To apply, please submit the following:

  • Graduate Student Mobility Award application form
  • A minimum one page description of your proposed project abroad and how it will fill requirements related to your Concordia program, research and/or professional development.
  • An up-to-date CV (maximum 3 pages)
  • A budget indicating costs for: travel, accommodations, any host institution fees you must pay and any other related, relevant expenses (see our budget template form). You must also list any other funding/remuneration you are receiving from other sources.
  • For research, field work or independent projects, please include: 

A letter from your host institution or organization indicating: (1) the reason for your stay there i.e., course, research, field work; (2) the start and end dates of your stay; and 3) any remuneration they are providing to you.  If you do not have a host institution or organization, please submit a letter from the Concordia professor who will be supervising you remotely. 

A letter from your Graduate Program Director indicating how this project fulfills any of your Concordia degree program requirements and confirming that you will be registered as a full-time student at Concordia while receiving the Award.

What is the timeline?

  1. Apply online by applicable deadline
  2. Application review (4-6 weeks after application deadline)
  3. All applicants notified about their application status
  4. Bursary will be paid out up to 4 weeks after proof of arrival in host destination has been returned to Concordia International

Review and selection process

Applications will be reviewed on the basis of:

  • Academic merit.
  • Letter from Graduate Program Director indicating how your project is applicable to your Concordia degree program requirements.
  • Your minimum one page description of your proposed project abroad and how it will fill / contribute to your Concordia degree requirements, research and/or professional development.
  • Selection of the recipients will be made by the International Advisory Committee. Students will be notified of the results by Concordia International.
  • Applications for research work to be done in areas deemed by Global Affairs Canada as Level 3 "Avoid all non-essential travel" and Level 4 "Avoid all travel" will not be considered for funding. To know what the current GAC advisory is for your application’s region, please visit:


  • February 22, 2019 for course/research/field work taking place during the following Summer or Fall semesters.
  • July 19, 2019  for course/research/field work taking place during the Fall or Winter semesters.
  • November 22, 2019 for course/research/field work taking place during the Winter semester.
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