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Where Do I Begin?

Online Information Session

Our next online information session will be on Wednesday, November 25th from 6-8PM and will consist of two parts: a general info session for all students given by Concordia International, followed by a Faculty specific session given by each Faculty. Please complete this form to register by 3PM on November 25th as you will receive the zoom link a few hours before the session begins. In addition, please refer to the slides linked below and address any questions to



A recording of one of our CSEP information sessions which took place on October 29, 2020.

Plan & Prepare


Academic Planning

Do the courses offered at the host instituion meet my needs? Do I have enough credits left in my degree to be a full-time student while abroad? Has my department/faculty advisor approved my courses? 


Funding my Exchange

Can I afford to go on exchange? Do I know what the cost of living will be in my host country? Are there ways that I can fund my exchange?


Student Visa & Passport

Am I required to get a student visa? What immigration paperwork do I need to complete in order to study in my host country? How long will this process take? Do I have a valid passport?


Review Academic Calendar at Host

Does the academic calendar at the host institution meet my needs? Will I be able to stay at the partner for the entire semester, or will it conflict with my plans back home? Will it conflict with my co-op work?



Does the institution I wish to attend offer courses in English? Do I want to take my courses in a another language? Do I want to go to an English-speaking country, or do I want to learn a new language? 

Meet an Advisor


International Liaison Officers' Virtual Office Hours

Have you attended an information session but still have questions? Speak with an International Liaison Officer (ILO) whose job is to advise you on your exchange. 

                               Europe, Africa & Middle East                                                                                          Pauliina Rouleau     Tuesdays from 11 a.m -12 p.m        

                           Americas, Asia & Oceania                                                                                                Christine Archer   Tuesdays from 11 a.m -12 p.m    

                           United Kingdom exchanges & Mobility Bursaries                                                        Bertille Tayoung       Thursdays from 11 a.m -12 p.m    


Faculty Advisors

Do you have questions about credit transfers, filling in your course approval form, or any of the faculty requirements or processes? For academic matter such as these, please contact your Faculty advisors


Program Advisors

If you have any questions about your degree requirements and what courses you should take while you are abroad, meet with your program advisor! You can find their information on your MyConcordia Portal.

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