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Finalize Your Plans

Before Leaving




It is your choice whether you wish to live on or off campus. If you choose to live off-campus, we suggest that you do not pay for any accommodation until you arrive at your destination.*


Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory for your exchange. Your coverage can be the CSU's Health Insurance, personal coverage or coverage required by the host country. You should find out which applies to you.



Do not purchase your flight until you have received your official admission letter from your host institution and your exchange is confirmed.*



Notify your bank before you leave to ensure that you will have access to your funds while abroad. If you plan to open a bank account while abroad, check to see if any are associated with your bank back home. 

*Concordia International is not liable for any costs you may incur from booking or cancelling your flights or accommodation.

Upon Arrival at Host



Send in your Confirmation of Enrollment

Let us know you've arrived and enrolled in courses by sending your Confirmation of Arrival to This form is also necessary for the payment of your Quebec Mobility Bursary


Drop by the International Students Office

While you are on exchange you are representing Concordia University. We ask that you make a good impression by introducing yourself to the exchange staff and following any procedures they may ask of you.


At the End of your Exchange



Submit Your Student Exchange Report

It is mandatory to submit a student exchange report or submit a video at the end of your exchange. This is a requirement that you must complete in order to have your credits transferred to your degree. 

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