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Step 4: Get your courses approved

Concordia International: CSEP Nomination and Course Approvals:

Once you have submitted your CSEP on-line application, you will receive a letter of conditional nomination from Concordia International for one of the institutions that you listed on your application. The condition of your nomination is that your Concordia faculty provides you permission to participate in the program, based on your course approvals and program requirements. . 

1.     Read your Student Exchange Agreement that will be sent to you with your nomination letter.

2.     Accept or decline your nomination on your Exchange Agreement form and return to Concordia International along with your budget form.

3.     Upload your CSEP Course Approval Form and course descriptions for the host institution to which you were nominated to your CSEP application.

4.     Receive your signed Course Approval Form from your department or faculty.

5.     Wait for your faculty’s approval letter confirming your permission to study at that host institution.

Concordia Faculty Permission:

Your faculty gives final permission to participate in the CSEP. To receive Faculty approval you must meet the academic requirements they have set forward on your faculty’s webpage.

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