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Apply to Your Host

Once you have accepted your placement, you will be required to complete an application to the institution to which you have been placed. However, you can't apply before you are prompted to do so by either your ILO, or by the host institution.


Prepare Commonly Requested Documents

Each host instiution requires exchange students to complete an application, either through an on-line forum or a paper document. You will be required to provide them with supporting documents as part of the application.

Commonly requested documents are:

  • Proof of English Proficiency 
  • Official Transcript
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Proof of Funding
  • Letter of Motivation



Confirm Your List of Courses

You will be required to list the courses that have been approved by your faculty/department on your host application. Course flexibilty is required as your host can't guarantee course availability.



Confirm Reception of Your Letter of Admission

Letters of Admission (LOA) are issued 4-6 weeks after the host application deadline.Upon receipt of your letter, please send a copy to your ILO. Your LOA is required for confirmation of your bursary. 

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