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Step 1: Verify Eligibility & Faculty Requirements

Eligibility requirements for Concordia Student Exchange Program participation:

  • Students must be enrolled full time in a Concordia Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree program.
  • Undergraduate and MBA students must have completed at least 24 credits toward their degree program requirements before departing for their semester abroad.  Graduate  students (non-MBA) must have completed at least 9 credits toward their degree requirements before their exchange commences.
  • Credit earned at the host institution is applied as transfer credit towards a CSEP participant’s Concordia degree.  Students must be sure they are not exceeding the maximum amount of transfer credit allowed for their program.
  • Undergraduate students may spend one or two semesters abroad. Graduate students may spend one semester abroad. All students are strongly discouraged from studying abroad during their final semester as it causes graduation to be delayed.
  • Students cannot participate in the CSEP if they have been found guilty under the Academic Code of Conduct.
  • Students cannot take Concordia courses online while participating in the CSEP.
  • Students are required to meet any additional requirements imposed by their Faculty.  Please be sure to check your Faculty’s website to be certain you are following their guidelines for exchange (Faculty webpages below).

Faculty Requirements:

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