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Ignite your Concordia experience


Ignite your Concordia experience


Jordan Costenaro Engagement Bio


Join a society related to your field. It is a way to properly apply learned concepts in a practical way that better prepares you for the work-force.

Being given the Drivetrain Lead position on the Formula Combustion team at Concordia SAE was my most engaging experience. It made me realize that I was the person that upheld the future success of the team with all aspects related to design, manufacturing, and testing of my subsystem. It set the bar in terms of how much responsibility I had and has allowed myself to myself hard.

The biggest issue that I noticed as a student and also a sub team lead is being able to maintain a good balance between school work and sufficient dedication to my work at SAE. I’ve had to make sacrifices with course loads and overall degree time.

My advice for the incoming Concordia students is to join a society related to their field. It is a way to properly apply learned concepts in a practical way that better prepares them for the work-force. Your degree gives you all the individual tools to solve problems but very rarely and concretely show you situations where they can all be applied for large scale problem solving; that is the advantage societies give you over just completing your degree alone. And more than it just looking good on your CV, you develop a passion for your work and a family of others there to help reach the team goals.

I worked with other students and faculty who were overall extremely kind and supportive people but more than anything they taught me to go for what I want as well as not to hold back my opinion. I used to be very quiet and timid they have allowed me to transform as a person.

I learned responsibility by doing team work.


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