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Tuition and fees

You have many payment choices

You will likely find it faster and more efficient to pay tuition and fees online. You are always welcome to visit Birks to pay your tuition or get advice.

To pay tuition at Birks, bring your student ID and one of the following methods of payment:

  • personal or certified cheque
  • Personal or certified cheque
  • Money order
  • Bank draft
  • Debit card (Interac)

Need a receipt or refund?

You can request receipts and refunds online via your MyConcordia portal.

Log into if you want to obtain:

  • Receipt Request
    My Student Centre  > Finances > other financial (drop down menu) > Receipt Request
  • Income tax receipt (for tuition)
    My Student Centre > Finances > Account Inquiry > Accounts Services
  • Refunds
    My Student Centre > Finances > other financial… (drop down menu) > Refund Request
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