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This section is designed to help you through the process of booking an exam. It is important to understand that a successful booking is only the first step in a set of complicated logistical procedures that the ACSD Exam Coordinator has to complete in a very short period of time for well over two thousand midterms and an equal amount of final exams. Because of this, it is imperative that you make every effort to book your exams as soon as your Professor has notified you that there is to be an exam. 

How to book your exam(s) with the ACSD

Note: Be sure to first “Verify your Accommodations” online at the start of every semester in order to access your academic accommodations.

1. Start early

In order for you to write Final,Supplemental or Deferred Final Exams with accommodations, you must make your request using your portal (instructions are below) on or before the following date:

Summer 1 2018 Term: Final, Supplemental and Deferred exams deadline: May 27th, 2018

Summer 2 2018 Term: Final, Supplemental and Deferred exams deadline: July 22nd 2018

Fall 2018 Term: Final, Supplemental and Deferred exams deadline: November 4th, 2018

Winter 2019 Term: Final, Supplemental and Deferred exams deadline: March 10th, 2019

2. Follow these steps to book your exam 

Booking an eConcordia exam? Find out how.

To book an ACSD exam, go to your Portal at

  1. Go to the MyConcordia menu, usually on the far-left side.
  2. Click on “Student Services.
  3. Click on the “Accessibility Services” folder and select “Students with Disabilities”.
  4. Click on “Book your tests or exams” and follow the instructions as provided in the online booking wizard.

Please be sure to check the "My calendar of ACSD appointments and exams" 24-72 hours before the exam for the exact starting time and location of your ACSD exam.

When you book an exam online, your professor will receive a notice by email with the test details. However, we strongly encourage you to follow up with instructors to ensure that they are up to date about the booking and your needs.

If you are booking an eConcordia exam, follow these additional steps below.





Book an E-Concordia exam

Booking exams with E-Concordia is a 2-step process.

In-term exams:

For students registered with the ACSD before the add/drop deadline, the E-Concordia team will contact you via email to inform you about your accommodated time on exams. The additional time you have as an accommodation will be applied to your exams automatically.

For students who register with the ACSD after the add/drop deadline, contact the E-Concordia team at and provide them with the accommodated time you receive and your list of E-Concordia courses.

* If there is a change in your accommodated time after the add/drop deadline you need to inform eConcordia of the change by sending them an e-mail at

Final Exams:

eConcordia final exams are written in person in Concordia classrooms. Book your final exam via your student portal by May 27th for Summer 1, July 20th for Summer 2, November 5th for Fall and March 7th for Winter. Nothing will be set up automatically for your final exams.

Concordia Exam Office Information

The ACSD works collaboratively with the Examination Office to run the accommodated exam services for the University. All Concordia students are expected to follow the procedures and meet the deadlines established by the Examinations Office. ACSD Advisors are there to assist you should you have questions or concerns regarding the reporting of exam conflicts, medical notations, deferred exams, etc.

Information regarding the use of adaptive/assistive technology in exams

Students who require the use of adaptive or assistive technology during an exam must first discuss their specific needs with their ACSD Advisor.

Encountering a problem booking an exam?

Have further questions after reviewing the above information? Encountering issues booking your exams?

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