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Access and inclusion report,
March 2020 - April 2021

Remote student and faculty support

ACSD advisors worked with professors, departments, and external service providers to ensure that students with disabilities had the accommodations and tools they needed to meaningfully participate in their virtual classrooms.

Specifically, the ACSD:

  • Prioritized student intakes and remote appointments with students, faculty, staff and service providers.
  • Provided technical tools, knowledge and assistance to make online learning more accessible to students, including different ways of using Zoom features and text-to-speech tools. 
  • Facilitated virtual drop-in workshops to help students develop strategies for online learning and to support their connections with peers. 
  • Continued collaboration with faculty and the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) to implement accessible teaching and learning practices, including developing Universal Design for Learning (UDL) workshops and web-based resources for faculty.
  • Hosted faculty Q&As and presentations for teaching assistants about accessibility best practices, and to clarify their roles in creating inclusive learning environments. 
  • Implemented a faculty needs assessment focused on strategies and supports for students registered within the ACSD in the shift to online learning. 
  • Developed and facilitated training workshops for coaches, note-takers and transcribers to offer services in virtual classrooms.
  • Participated in outreach to connect with students at CEGEPs, open house and orientation events.
  • Launched a new ACSD website with enhanced user-experience, resources for students and faculty, and quicker access to information.

Exam support

We have taken steps to ensure that testing is accessible and that student accommodations are met in online exam formats. To support accessibility in remote exams, we have:

  • Modified existing exam protocols to fit the online environment. 
  • Assessed the compatibility of adaptive software with Concordia’s online exam platforms, and offered students recommendations and training in their use. 
  • Collaborated with the CTL to ensure that student accommodations are met for exams on COLE.
  • Arranged alternate exam formats for students with physical disabilities. 
  • Developed training to equip invigilators to support students with disabilities during exams.  
  • Assisted in troubleshooting accommodation errors and supported students in the process.  

Promoting accessibility & inclusion on campus

The ACSD continued to participate in discussions and projects that improve accessibility practices, policies and services across Concordia.

Throughout 2020-2021, the ACSD worked with partners at Concordia and beyond as it:

  • Acted as a critical partner in improving access to ADHD diagnosis for students, and medical management and/or access to accommodations if required.
  • Partnered in the development of a program that offers specialised case management services for students at risk. 
  • Collaborated with internal university stakeholders on developing accessible and inclusive spaces and events, by providing direction to Hospitality and Events in the creation of a Sustainability Events Guide, and providing referrals to external accessibility service providers.

The ACSD also contributed and helped drive conversations on accessibility on campus through the following committees:

  • Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) advisory and working groups. 
  • Teaching & Learning Accessibility Advisory Committee (TLAAC), which works to make recommendations on the accessibility of teaching and learning environments at Concordia.
  • Accessibility Policy Advisory Group, which works to revise current accessibility policy.  
  • eAccess committee, which is a multi-year project funded by Entente-Canada-Québec with the mission to increase accessibility in digital learning environments in post-secondary education in Quebec. 
  • University committees supporting the late withdrawal from courses for students with extenuating circumstances.

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