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ARSC's New Student Checklist

  1. Do you have questions about your acceptance and anything related to Admissions?
  2. Have you clicked ACCEPT and PAID your confirmation fee in your student account by the deadline in your letter?
  3. Did you follow up with your Academic Advisor and Advising Info Session which is indicated in the letter (You cannot enroll into classes until you meet or contact your advisor).
  4. Did you identify as a First Nations person on the on-line application? If not photocopy both sides of your Status Card and deliver it to the Birk’s Office (1400 De Maisonneuve West).
  5. Why self-identify on the application as a First Nations student? (For scholarship purposes and to access great services at the Aboriginal Student Resource Centre just to name a few!)
  6. Did you view your Student Account and make sure all pertinent information is correct? (i.e. – that you are being charged the correct tuition fees, that you opt out of Health and Dental if not required)
  7. Have you applied for funding through your Band or Education Center?  Are all of your documents in place?
  8. For Fall Course Selection: Go in to your Student Portal click My Academics then click My Advisement Report and this will bring you to a list of your required program courses and from there you can click and choose or you can check the Concordia Undergraduate Calendar.
  9. Be sure to come and see me to touch base on loose ends.
  10. Join us for NEW Aboriginal Student Orientation at the start of the Fall semester (date to be announced).

Here are a few other leads and places to look for support and information:

Other Support and information

Aboriginal Student Resource Centre

And you can also contact our office:

Bo Kim, Department Assistant - Aboriginal Student Resource Centre
514-848-2424 ext. 7327

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