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Community building

The Aboriginal Students Resource Centre is a busy community hub at Concordia. Every year, it hosts many events. Here are some highlights from last year. If you want to see what we're up to, follow us on Facebook

ASRC Graduation Gathering
20170608 ASRC Graduation Ceremony 007

Concordia’s Aboriginal Student Resource Centre (ASRC) hosts a special gathering in June to celebrate and honour the accomplishments of First Nations, Inuit and Métis graduates from across Canada. It is a semi-formal affair at which proud parents, siblings, elders and professors can come together to recognize Concordia’s newest Indigenous graduates.  Selected graduates give speeches and light food and refreshments are served. A commemorative stole adorned with a feather symbolizing strength, wisdom and honour as well as the Concordia logo is presented to graduates.

Community Cooking Event
20160413 ARSC Community Cook Off resized

The Aboriginal Student Resource Centre hosts an interactive community-building cooking event at which food is prepared, shared and discussed.  We are proud to say that the talented and ambitious chef George Lenser, a current Concordia student from the Nsga'a, Squamish and Wet'suwet'en nations from Northern British Columbia, conceived of and hosted this event for the past two years. George has been cooking professionally for about 9 years, with training leaning towards high end French cuisine with goals to one day open an Indigenous restaurant in the style of West Coast Indigenous peoples. And we have been fortunate to have had some special guests alongside George.  Elaine Delaronde, of the Mohawk Nation and a graduate of the Natural Health Consultant Institute in Montreal, presented together with George for the 2016 event.  Nahka Bertrand, a Concordia graduate student of Journalism and a member of Acho Dene Koe, of the Dene Nation in the Northwest Territories, who with her sisters runs a catering company called The Three Sisters presented as well for the 2017 event.

Indigenous chefs come together to demonstrate cooking skills, present recipes and stories! Some of the delicious food and recipes that have been prepared and shared included black bean burgers, smoked oysters, salmon, Three Sister's with Wilted Greens & Duck, Corn, Bean, & Squash Mille Crepe, braised duck tortellini, mushroom duxelles ravioli, sage pesto coleslaw, oysters, rabbit, bannock and a scrumptious black forest cake!

This event allows students within our Indigenous Concordia community to connect, relax and eat!

Harvest Retreat
Harvest Retreat2016

In the fall, a group of students get together and go on an overnight retreat to Ile St. Bernard in Chateauguay. This is a time to enjoy the great outdoors, share nourishing food, and create friendships and memories! The group goes on a Harvest Medicine Walk led by a cultural facilitator. The walk may include deer sightings, bird watching and gaining valuable knowledge about tree and plant life. This cultural community-building event is organized by the Aboriginal Student Resource Center.

Festivities and Orientation Feasts
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The ASRC hosts fun themed gatherings, festivities and feasts throughout the year. The Welcome Feasts are held to give students a chance to make friends and become acquainted with other Indigenous students as well as staff at Concordia. We often have student speakers discuss their experiences at university and offer support and guidance.  We also host fun activities such as beadwork sessions and clothes swaps. All Indigenous students are encouraged to participate!

Current events calendar

If you're looking for something to do, visit out current events calendar. We're always posting events that take place at the Aboriginal Students Resource Centre, around campus, or in and around Montreal that could be of interest to you.

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