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Step 3 - Initial thesis submission

Initial submission

The initial submission of the thesis to the thesis office begins the official examination process. In order to meet a particular graduation date, you must submit your thesis to the Thesis Office at any time before the specified deadline set out in the academic calendar, and at least 6 weeks prior to your defence date. It should be noted that some programs have established deadlines earlier than those of the thesis office.


Spring Convocation

Fall Convocation

Initial Thesis Submission: February 11 Initial Thesis Submission: July 14

Doctoral thesis initial submission requirements

You must send the following documents listed below to

Paper copies are no longer required.

A checklist will be emailed to you from the Thesis Office confirming your submission. At this time, you will be notified on any formatting issues. Corrections must be made before your thesis submission on Spectrum.

Extension of the thesis deadline

If you need an extension of the thesis deadline, a formal request must be made to the Thesis Office with the approval of your supervisor or Graduate Program Director one week before the actual deadline date. You must submit this request by email to

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