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Poppy Wilkinson

Vanier Scholar - PhD Psychology

Poppy Wilkinson

My interests have always centered on people––how they get along as a society, how they navigate the world and why they do the things they do. Analyzing the complex patterns and themes of human behaviour is what attracted me to earn an undergraduate degree in English literature. A key element of any good story lies in how an individual’s life history intersects with his or her social and cultural context.

These same core interests have drawn me to my doctoral research in peer relations in developmental psychology, as well as clinical psychology. I chose Concordia University for the opportunity to pursue both my research goals and receive clinical training simultaneously.

Research description

The research for my doctoral degree in psychology concerns the association between distortions of the self and children’s experiences with their peers. I am interested in studying how an inflated sense of self alters patterns of attraction to other children and how it affects decision-making processes with respect to sharing resources with peers. These studies inform our understanding of the functioning of the self-concept and of the processes that regulate prosocial action between peers.

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