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Mona Taghavi

Vanier Scholar - PhD Information and Systems Engineering

Mona Taghavi

Studying under the supervision of Dr. Jamal Bentahar, I am currently a doctoral candidate at the Concordia Institute of Information and Systems Engineering. My academic and professional objectives are to advance the growing body of knowledge of intelligent recommender systems for the emerging cloud computing industry. Through this, I hope to work with forward-thinking Canadian companies to commercialize my doctoral thesis product and contribute to the growth of the computing industry in Canada.

Research description

Cloud computing facilitates access to computing services without having to own any resources. This type of Internet-based computing has emerged as a highly promising paradigm. Mainly characterized by its pay-as-you-go model, the market for cloud computing is expected to reach $270 million by 2020. Consequently, there is a large amount of service providers supplying various types of cloud services, which means choosing the best available cloud services can be particularly challenging for consumers.

My doctoral thesis aims to develop an efficient, multi-criteria recommender system for cloud computing services. The developed system should capture knowledge about user preferences, experience of similar service users and quality of cloud services, all of which are at the core of intelligent recommendations fitting user requirements. Furthermore, recent developments on network effects, two-sided market theory and algorithmic game theory will be investigated to empower the system with strong theoretical foundations.

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