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Jean-Philippe Gagné

Vanier Scholar - PhD Clinical Psychology

Understanding the fear of losing control

Jean-Philippe Gagné

Jean-Philippe Gagné, a second-year PhD student in Clinical Psychology, is set to study a particular type of fear, one that most have experienced first-hand: the fear of losing control.

Specifically, people fear they can lose control over their thoughts, behaviour and emotions. Gagné’s research aims to examine the negative beliefs people attach to the experience of losing control to better understand the factors at play.

Working in the Center for Clinical Research in Health, under the supervision of Adam Radomsky, professor in the Department of Psychology and Concordia Research Chair in Anxiety and Related Disorders, Gagné remains deeply connected to real-world problems through his research.

This insight into the inner workings of fear will ultimately help reduce stigma around this fundamental emotion. Gagné is also developing novel methodological techniques to measure beliefs about losing control which will enable psychology researchers to explore this phenomenon in future studies.

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