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Diane Roberts

Trudeau scholar - PhD Humanities, Faculty of Fine Arts

Navigating stories of ancestry, exile and belonging through theatre and performance

Diane Roberts

Roberts’ PhD research focusses on the praxis of embodied decolonisation in contemporary performance drawing on The Arrivals Legacy Project – a performance-based research creation methodology founded in 2003 that guides artists from Indigenous, Black, diasporic, and settler identities to decolonize their creative practices by rediscovering, accessing and articulating a rooted cultural voice and vision for their work. The Arrivals Project draws on an ethnography of what has been called ‘retentive performance traditions’ (Edwards, Harrison and Walker 2002; McNeil 2019) and facilitates the emergence of re-remembered connections with ancestors in order to uncover and exchange the many foundational stories that make up our nation and that promote dialogue across difference.

Currently working under the supervision of Dance and Interdisciplinary scholar Angelique Wilkie, Creative and post-colonial Literature scholar Stéphane Martelly in the Department of Arts, Languages and Literature at Sherbrooke University; and Migration and Diaspora Studies scholar Dr. Daniel McNeil in the department of History at Carleton University in Ottawa.

Diane is a 2019 Pierre Elliott Trudeau Scholar.

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