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Anne-Marie Turcotte

Vanier Scholar - PhD Social and Cultural Analysis

Anne-Marie Turcotte

After working for eight years with the Nunavik Youth House Association, I decided to go back to school to pursue a master and a PhD. I wanted to focus my PhD research on the concerns of children living in Nunavik. More specifically, I want to verify to what extent destructive behaviour is an indicator of youth distress.

Research description

I’m collaborating with young people in Nunavik who experiment difficulties in creating a sense of self in northern villages. Processes of assimilation and rapid socio-economic transformations have disrupted cultural continuity, work and study opportunities are limited and violence is endemic. My analysis will pay close attention to youth breaking windows and the ways different people experience this behaviour.

I see this project as the start of a long collaboration with the NYHA, youth centres and Nunavimmiut youth. I also hope my research will have a positive impact on the communities I'm working with and encourage young people to talk about their own experiences and worldviews.

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