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Amir Hooshiar

Vanier Scholar - PhD Mechanical Engineering

Amir Hooshiar

Before joining the Tactile Sensors Laboratory I had read three books by engineering professor Javad Dargahi and his team. They are like the “Bibles” of the robotic surgery field. This is what prompted me to move to Montreal in 2015 to pursue my PhD studies at Concordia. 

We're currently developing a haptic technology that will help surgeons during robotic-assisted cardiovascular interventions. My research will help improve a surgeon's dexterity, precision and accuracy, while reducing the lenght of the surgery and the post-operative rehabilitation time.

Research description

My research topic examines ways to make robotic-assisted cardiovascular interventions safer. The end goal is to create a haptic feedback system that mimics the tactile feeling surgeons have during conventional surgeries. The vibrations of the catheter that’s inside the patient’s vasculature transfer to their hands while they’re performing the surgery. By using surgical robots, this is lost.

That’s where my research comes into play. Since there is currently no haptic feedback available during robotic-assisted surgeries, these interventions carry a higher risk of vessel perforation that, in some cases, could result in fatal complications. My research aims to reduce this risk, while also shortening the impacts of X-ray exposure time common in conventional cardiac interventions. This is an emerging market and the industry is in need of this technology.

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