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Benefits of being a Public Scholar

The prestigious title of Concordia Public Scholar comes with a multitude of benefits, notably:


Receiving a $10,000 award


Becoming the face of graduate education at Concordia University


Having a personal feature on the Concordia Public Scholars Program webpage, including a professional produced one-minute video


Receiving unique professional development training and individualized coaching


Access to the Public Scholars' community, which offers continuous support during their term and the prestige of being an alumnus of the program.

Being a Public Scholar

Concordia Public Scholars have the honour of being the face of graduate education at Concordia University. Each Scholar is expected to dedicate 10 hours a week to meet the requirements of the program and make the most of this opportunity.


"The Public Scholar program was the push I needed and the training I craved to get me practicing science communication with ease and confidence.

Being a Public Scholar means you get to work with a group of experts who will support you as you promote your work and its wider relevance, while helping you put your name out there for future career opportunities.

I was able to accomplish so much more than I thought possible as a Public Scholar through blog posts, radio interviews, podcast, opinion articles and more. Skills and experiences that will help me for years to come!!"

— Alexa Ruel, Public Scholar 2021


"The public scholar program was a game-changer for my career path. I was not expecting to receive so many interview requests and various occasions to share my research with the public.

This program helped me widen my network, enhance career possibilities, organize events, publish deliverables to a broader audience, and have an active presence on social media. I strongly recommend all doctoral students to apply and give this opportunity a chance."

— Ezgi Ozyonum, Public Scholar 2021

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