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Graduate Program Director

Rachel Berger

Felice Yuen is an Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Human Sciences and Director of the Individualized Program (INDI). Broadly, her research encompasses healing, social justice, leisure, and community development.

Dr. Yuen's research practice is grounded in critical and participatory methodologies. Arts-based approaches (e.g., body mapping, collage, Sketchnotes, storytelling, poetry) are an integral part of her collaboration with communities and advocacy work. For over two decades, the heart of her research resides with Indigenous women who have experience with the criminal justice system. Her current research addresses the experiences and needs of Indigenous women in Quebec provincial prison. Details related to the process, findings, and recommendations of this SSHRC-funded project can be found here:

She holds a PhD in Leisure Studies from the University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada).

INDI Program Committee

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