What is an Individualized Development Plan (IDP)?

Individual Development Plans (IDPs) are career exploration and planning tools used by postdoctoral fellows and graduate students around the world to help them achieve success in their careers within or outside of academia.

IDPs work

Postdoctoral fellows with a written career path plan submit 23% more papers to peer-reviewed journals and 30% more first-authored papers. (Source)

What are the tools?

Concordia recommends two different IDP tools, depending on the field of study. STEM researchers benefit most from myIDP, while ImaginePhD is best suited for Humanities and Social Sciences. Both tools are online and free.

What support is available for these tools?

Both tools include help features and other resources. In addition, GradProSkills will be offering free IDP workshops scheduled to begin in October 2019.

“We don’t necessarily need a clear, crisp, sharp idea of vision.  A hazy one, a sense of vague direction may sometimes be better as we are then more likely to explore along the journey and make serendipitous discoveries.” -Pablo Picasso

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