Horizon Postdoctoral Fellowships

Open positions

Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities

Health, Natural Sciences and Engineering

Machine Learning and Generative Design for Advanced Manufacturing in Mass Customization
Tsz Ho Kwok
Development on Forests Surveillance and Fires Detection Using Multiple Heterogeneous Unmanned Systems and Remote Sensing Techniques
Chun-Yi Su and Youmin Zhang
Mixed-signal integrated-circuit design for neuromorphic computing
Glenn Cowan
A lipidomics approach to tracking hypoxia in the St. Lawrence Estuary
Yves Gélinas
Ultrasound-enhanced Vascular Permeability for Targeted Drug Delivery
Brandon Helfield
Engineering T-cells using microfluidics
Steve Shih
Postdoctoral fellowship in Multidisciplinary Research in Eating Disorders
Linda Booij
Lipidomics and lipid mediators in inflammation
Dajana Vuckovic
Explainable AI approaches for smart buildings applications
Nizar Bouguila and Ursula Eicker
Sleep, neuroimaging and cognitive health
Thanh Dang-Vu
Exploring the nanoscale thermal properties of cancer cells using upconverting nanoparticles
Christine DeWolf and John Capobianco
Plasmonics integrated lab on chip for cellular studies 
M.Packirisamy and Alisa Piekny
Formal verification of physical dynamics using theorem proving
Sofiène Tahar
Enabling technologies for 5G/6G: multifunctional millimeter-wave/THz photonic antennas
John Xiupu Zhang and Ahmed Kishk
Postdoctoral fellowship in Psycho-Oncology
Nicole M. Alberts
The neurocognitive bases of semantic and pragmatic composition
Roberto G. de Almeida
Yeast-based biosensors for quantifying bioactive metabolites
Vincent Martin and Malcolm Whiteway
Long term impacts of early musical training
Virginia Penhune
An advanced treatment for safe and superior quality water: An integrated novel Fenton like reagent and AOP system to remove polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) from water and wastewater
Maria Elektorowicz
Embedding global automobilities: A comparative study of the politics of low-carbon mobility transitions in global megacities
Govind Gopakumar
Augmented reality and AI-guided ventriculostomy
Marta Kersten-Oertel and Yiming Xiao
Modelling and Measuring Risks for Insurable Extreme Value Events
Mélina Mailhot
Multi-scale Model Development for Active Learning Design of Beta-Sheet Forming Antimicrobial Peptides
Rachael (Ré) A. Mansbach
How do modifiable risk factors for dementia relate to cognitive function in the Canadian Longitudinal Study of Aging?
Natalie Phillips
Functional and structural architecture of the cerebellum
Christopher J. Steele
Nature Based Solutions for Urban Biodiversity, Climate, and Communities - Developing best practices and guiding principles for Canada’s 2 Billion Trees Program
Carly Ziter
Digitally-enabled climate solutions
Damon Matthews
Coverage Optimization in a Network of Mobile Sensors
Amir Aghdam
Improving the QoS of Public EV Charging Ecosystem in Quebec
Chadi Assi
Learning Optimizers for Training Neural Networks on Large Scale Datasets
Eugene Belilovsky
Development of All-Solid-State Lithium-Ion Batteries
Xia Li

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