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Fellowship Description

Research program title

New threats from pest insects in the boreal forest of northwestern Quebec

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Emma Despland and Tim Work

Program description

In this project we aim to develop risk models for emerging forest insect threats and damage throughout northwestern Quebec. The post-doc will conduct fieldwork with a team under their supervision to monitor invasive woodborers using pheromone traps and to assess damage from defoliators in natural regeneration and plantations. The post-doc will use these experimental results to develop risk models of stand/landscape conditions that could promote forest insect damage. Specific objectives are to: 1. Evaluate pathways for human-aided introduction of woodborers along a latitudinal gradient 2. Evaluate how forest composition and forest management influence risk of establishment of woodborers and defoliators.3. Expand and adapt forest pest monitoring for biodiversity inventory.

The successful candidate will combine strong entomological and quantitative skills with experience in fieldwork, managing a research team and liaising with partners. Ability to communicate professionally in English and French is also required.

Academic qualifications required

PhD in ecology with expertise in community ecology, entomology, and in leading fieldwork. Ability to communicate professionally in French.

The Postdoctoral Fellow must start their appointment by March 1, 2022.

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