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Fellowship Description

Research program title

The developmental origins of selective trust and theory of mind

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Program description

The Cognitive and Language Development Laboratory at Concordia University ( anticipates an opening in Fall 2020 or Winter 2021 for a postdoctoral fellow to collaborate on research projects on the development of selective trust, theory of mind , bilingualism, and child-robot interactions in infancy and early childhood, with funding from SSHRC and NSERC. The depth of theory of mind in infancy is currently examined with conceptual replications of various paradigms, including violation of expectation, anticipatory looking, interactive, etc. Regarding selective trust, the lab examines developmental changes in the cognitive mechanisms involved in selective social learning. Research paradigms used in the lab include habituation, eye tracking, pupillometry,  interactive lab-based tasks and parental reports. International collaborations with teams from US, Switzerland, Japan and Germany are ongoing.

Academic qualifications required

PhD in Psychology (Developmental Science/Cognitive Science).

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