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Beyond Humanism: Other Ways of Knowing

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When the category of the human is raised as a problem for thought, we find ourselves at the intersection of a colonial discourse that has claimed the human as orienting category for existence. This project proposes the following questions in its intervention into the dominant trope of the human as orientor and carrier of the value of existence: How does the category of the human value existence? How does humanism continue to justify exclusion? What kinds of more-than human logics counter these tendencies? What are the effects, for pedagogy and research-creation, of reconsidering knowledge from the perspective of the more-than human?


  1. Explore the role the more-than human plays in contemporary philosophy, politics and art and develop practices, both written and artistic, to challenge and rethink dominant humanist currents
  2. Craft a concept of the more-than-human to address the entanglement of the human and the non-human in experience (moving beyond the new materialist turn)
  3. Emphasize how more-than-human ecologies activate forms of relationality that occur in the interstices – ecologies of human and environment, human and animal.
  4. Explore the literature on ecology that departs from a strict focus on “environmentalism” and the ways in which contemporary “ecological thought” can be deployed toward a rethinking of the place of the human in the relationship between art, politics and philosophy.
  5. Reconceive the nature-human divide through a focus on the work of process philosophy with a opening toward Black Studies, neurodiversity, indigenous philosophy
  6. Organize a series of 3 workshops to bring artists and researchers together around the core issues of the project: the more-than human, ecologies of practices, new forms of knowledge.

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