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Proactive Security for Attack-Resilient Microgrids: Detection, Mitigation and Recovery

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Program description

The primary intent of the proposed program is to investigate a proactive strategy for the security of microgrids. In this respect, we target the design and implementation of efficient and scalable techniques to identify, detect, and mitigate cyber-physical attacks against microgrids. A high-fidelity testbed will be designed and set up in order to: (i) experiment with various attack scenarios, (ii) characterize their cyber-physical impact, (iii) elaborate prevention/detection algorithms and deploy them to assess their effectiveness, and (iv) propose and evaluate mitigation schemes to counter the aforementioned attacks. As such, mathematical models will be elaborated and solved to prove the feasibility of various attacks. Besides, data will be collected, in real-time, from Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) and communication traffic and subjected to big-data-analytics algorithms to prevent and detect such attacks. Moreover, we will design and implement various control strategies for mitigation purposes. The proposed program will establish a long-term research thrust at Concordia University in microgrid security, which will nicely complement the existing strengths in smart grid security, attack-resilient control, and smart city technologies.

Academic qualifications required

PhD in Electrical Engineering with solid expertise in Power Systems, Microgrids, Smart Grid, Control, and Cyber-Physical Security.

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