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Science-Based Targets for Corporate Environmental Sustainability: The Case of Organizational Life Cycle Assessment

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For over 30 years, business and policy leaders have increasingly acknowledged, and sought to stem, the environmental impacts of their actions. Yet, firms still set environmental targets based on market forces rather than scientific requirements. As a result, the aggregate impacts of companies continue to increase. Organizational life cycle assessment (LCA) offers significant potential for understanding the environmental impact of a firm’s portfolio of business activities, across all of its business units and their supply chains. What is missing is a barometer that helps firm’s understand their relative contribution to earth-system deterioration and set goals that support ecosystem sustainability. This project will develop an analytical method for normalizing LCA results to align organizational environmental performance to Earth’s ecological limits. It will also demonstrate the use of the developed method for setting corporate environmental targets based on scientific requirements for sustaining ecosystem services. It is an interdisciplinary project that will align research on organizational LCA, ecological limits, and strategic planning and goal setting.

Academic qualifications required

PhD in Industrial Ecology, Sustainable Systems, Sustainability Management or related interdisciplinary field with experience in life cycle assessment, ecological limits, and/or corporate sustainability.

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