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Visual Marketing

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Visual marketing lies at the intersection of marketing and psychology. This research program focuses on the influence of visual marketing stimuli on consumers’ attention, information processing, memory, inferences and decision making with regard to product and brand choice. It examines consumers’ information processing and behavioral responses to visual aspects of products, brands, and retail environments, taking into account a potential influence of consumer goals and individual difference factors. This research program relies on a multi-method approach by taking tested paradigms from psychology and applying them into the domain of marketing. Techniques include eye tracking (both static and portable), EEG, choice tasks, and self-reports. There is also a possibly of running fMRI experiments at Concordia’s PERFORM center. The research will encompass lab and field experiments that are supported by the facilities offered at the Laboratory for Sensory Research and the Concordia Vision Labs. This research program aims at making methodological, theoretical, and substantial (e.g., public policy, marketing strategy) contributions to both marketing and psychology.

Academic qualifications required

PhD in psychology (cognitive science, vision science), or marketing (consumer psychology), or a related field. Candidates should have experience with MATLAB or Python programming. Eye tracking (including data analysis) and EEG experience is considered an asset.

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