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Examining Nutrition Requirements in Bariatric Surgery Patients

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Program description

The Nutrition, Obesity, and Metabolism lab headed by Dr. Santosa at Concordia’s PERFORM Centre conducts human research studies that examine the metabolic effects of obesity and its associated comorbidities. Our goal is to identify the effects of obesity from the cell to the entire body on the prevention and progression of disease. Currently, we aim to understand the effects of weight loss in obesity and type 2 diabetes on regional fat tissue characteristics and its relation to the course of these diseases. Techniques that will be employed include study recruitment and coordination, measurement of body composition, fitness and strength measurements, primary cell culture, flow cytometry, and other wet lab protocols.

Academic qualifications required

PhD, MD, or equivalent doctoral degree and training in Nutrition, Biology, Physiology, Immunology, Health Sciences, or related fields. Qualified individuals will demonstrate the potential for research through their training and peer-reviewed publications.

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