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Fellowship Description

Research program title

Condition Monitoring, Diagnosis and Fault-Tolerant Cooperative Control of Microgrids with Wind Power Integration

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Program description

Electrical Microgrids with sustainable distributed power systems, in particular wind power, are essential to provide service that is reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible. One of key techniques for ensuring the viability and effectiveness of Microgrids is to make use of advanced condition monitoring and fault-tolerant cooperative control techniques at all levels of power generation, integration into grid, and distribution. The main aims and objectives of this research project are to develop novel real-time techniques for condition monitoring, diagnosis, and fault-tolerant cooperative control in Microgrids with wind power integration (i.e., wind turbines) in order to improve their reliability, availability, and efficiency. The knowledge gained in this research project will be transferable and find many applications in renewable energy industries as well as relevant sustainable smart power grids, all of which are important to spur the Canada's transition to a smarter, stronger, more efficient and reliable grid with high penetration of renewable energy sources in particular wind turbines.

Academic qualifications required

  • PhD within 2 years with excellent research experience and record on this proposed research program
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